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Originally Posted by jeffiner View Post
I started 1/12/13.. Also keep in mind that I lost 5 lbs before starting IP..
Its funny I felt like my weight had really stalled for a week or two , not completely but maybe .5 losses, then suddenly this morning whoosh...down to 237! Im amazed at how this plan has become second nature. I used to always be obsessed with eating, how much, when , where etc. Now I'm thinking about things other than my weight and food.
Also I love going food shopping cart is filled with vegetables, and fruit for the kids..I'm happy with what I'm buying and don't feel ashamed about what Im putting on the register. If I stop and think I realize that I still look huge to others but I don't feel gross anymore...does that make sense?
Sure that makes sense. You must be feeling really good and when you are making proper choices then it reflects on how you feel. Are family noticing on you now? I started Jan 17th so we are close in start time. I know what you mean about the grocery cart. It's crazy how many veggies I buy now. 3 heads of cauliflower at a time amongst all the other things. I have a fridge in the garage and that's great because the veggies don't fit in the upstairs fridge. I can't believe I actually use them all before they go bad. My kids are eating a better too. Although I have allowed them to go to McDonalds for a treat a couple times. My son was at my sisters and he was whining about how long it had been since he had she hooked him up.

Originally Posted by amberjules View Post
You know I felt the same way about alternatives too. It was such a scary thought to make sure I knew all of the information I could to make the best choices. With IP, you don't have to make those choices since it's already done for you. I did a lot of reading on here - there's some great threads on alternatives. Once you get the hang of it, it's really so simple and actually very empowering. I mean we're on this journey to lose weight, but to also make better choices for ourself, specially once we reach goal.

Here's the summary of the items to review when choosing alternatives:

Keep calories lower, like the IP products. 70-150, but 150 is really on the high end.
Calories from fat should be 30% or less.
Restricted is 9+ net carbs (net carbs = carb grams - fiber grams)
Unrestricted is 8 net carbs or less.
Protein should be high 12+ grams. I generally look for 15+.
No aspartame!

That's the main criteria I look for.

I recently discovered Quest Bars!!!! Yum, technically unrestricted because of the net carbs lower than 8, but calories are higher so I tend to look at it as a restricted unless I get in a power walk to lose the extra calories. Also made with Stevia. No junk.
Thanks for adding that. I get confused easily when the products don't show the calories from fat. I know you times that number by 3 and make sure it does not equal more than total calories, but when the product does not show the calories from fat then I get confused and have to look up how to find out calories from fat. I am in Canada and we do not hae Quest bars as far as I can tell. The only ones I have found that fit the bill (I hope) are Pure Protein bars. Wish I could find the EAS advantage or Premier drinks. No Costco where I am and walmart has no EAS.
I just upped my ticker by 41 lbs since April. Time to do something about it.
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