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Originally Posted by amberjules View Post
Hello fellow losers!

Had my 13th week weigh-in and I'm down another 2.2 lbs (body likes this number as this is the 4 time I've lost this exact amount) for a total of 41 lbs lost, 34.5 inches lost AND......SO fat now wows less than 100 lbs at 98.8.

When I started my fat mass weighed 136 lbs down to 98.8.
I've gained .4 lbs of lean muscle mass since starting and my visceral fat has dropped from 17 to 12.

I'm also 10 lbs away from meeting my mini goal of losing 20% of my body weight. My 3rd mini goal of being under 200 will come up quick after achieving my 2nd mini goal.....not too much longer!

I'm just thrilled at how well the IP protocol works, how simple it is to follow with a little planning. Now it's just second nature to me.

I took the dive and switched to alternatives, about 60% right now, and will probably continue to purchase some IP products that I really love.

My birthday is the middle of May and if I keep losing about the same rate, 2.93 lbs on average a week, then I'll be down to a 180ish. Still high for my frame, but considering I was 257 on 11/27/12, that's great! I'm just more excited about my future and health.

Wa to go! It does work well! It's good to know alternatives are working out for you. I too may have to look at that in future for financial reasons. Have tried a couple different items, but it is always a little scary making sure you have the right numbers as don't want to mess with a good thing that is working already.
I just upped my ticker by 41 lbs since April. Time to do something about it.
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