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Good morning peeps I know we all talk about water weight and 1st week weigh ins are usually the biggest I cant wait for mine! I did what I said I would not do and stepped on the scale this morning. My initial weigh in was 214.(point something) and this morning on my scale I was 203.6. Keep in mind my initial weigh in was at night and I checked mine this morning. I weighed on my scale after my 1st weigh in that night and they only had a 1 lb difference. Just the motivation I need to carry on through date night tonight. I'm already making my dressing to take. A steak with some steamed broccoli and a salad sounds like a winner to me!

**And kudos to whomever posted the choc shake/coffee/spinach/cinnamon recipe. I am enjoying mine right now and it is delicious.

3FC rules, this forum rocks, and its going to be a fabulous day.
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