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Originally Posted by leannekarella View Post
Today was my first true test with an URGE. I've always been a stress eater-since I was a kid.

Today was a truly BAD day, and as I was driving home, I really wanted to pull into any fast food place and buy French fries.

I did not.

I'm also an ex-smoker, so I have gone through this before and overcome...

It does make me re-evaluate what my triggers are, and today in general was one of them. Six months ago, I would have gotten a huge burger and huge fries to "make me feel better" about things.

I have not read his book, but I've gone through enough therapy to know that first you need to understand the problem before you can then change the mindset and deal with it.

I am feeling pretty good about making it home without getting fries tonight!
The whole day was not a bad day.
You flexed the willpower muscle and strengthened it!
I'm a stress eater/food fixes everything girl, too so I KNOW what it takes to get thru tough times without heading straight to old behaviors.
Here's hoping yesterday is over and today is much better
YOU get to move forward knowing you made the best choice for your health! yay!

Originally Posted by DoingitDeb View Post
This forum is great! Today was Day 1 for far so good. I did have a bit of a headache this afternoon, but went away pretty quick as I remembered to drink, drink, drink my water. So for you expert losers here is what I consumed today...let me know how it could be better and/or what i did right.

Earl Grey Tea with 2 splenda and TBS of 2% milk
RTD Chocolate
2 c. Steamed veggies (went to a a restaurant)
Earl Grey Tea- 1 Splenda
RTD Strawbery-Bannana IP
7oz Roast Beef- made in a dutch oven in the oven
2c. Celery cooked with the roast beef
Earl Grey Tea- 3 splendas 1TBS 2% milk
RTD Chocolate
Deb: This is a great question for the daily thread (now weekend) . There is a new one every day. We usually post topic-related issues within threads. The daily is for chat and general questions.
You'll probably get the answers you're looking for there.

Originally Posted by WorldTraveleronIP View Post
Where do you find this book? I don't see it on amazon or his website...
The book is available at IP clinics (my coach ordered it for me and now has several copies)
I also found it on this website
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