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I have taken the Qualitest (37.5 mg) generic of Adipex off & on over the past 2 years & I've had so much success with it. It did make me jittery & super-hyper for about the first two weeks of taking it but it got better. I've had one doctor that strictly enforced the whole, take it for 3 months, take a month off, and it seemed to not be as effective after that month off. I did go almost 8 months without it within that 2 year time period & I ended up gaining a little bit back (15 lbs. out of the original 50 I lost) but that was because I had started my current job & oddly enough, gained weight in doing so (I work at Home Depot...I do a TON of running around!) but as soon as I realized just how many pounds were creeping back up, I cut the crap out of my diet & managed to lose 5 lbs. on my own & visited my doctor once I couldn't get the scale to move after that.

I know that there are many people that frown upon use of drugs like Phentermine but I know what works for me. Before, I'd never been able to lose any more than 15 lbs. over several months time before I'd get frustrated and quit. I lost 49 lbs. from July 2011-December 2011 and for the first time ever, I knew that I could do this! I don't depend on it but I know that I do better with it when I take it every morning.

I'm currently on my 4th month of taking it & it's still suppressing my hunger but I don't feel the huge bursts of energy that I used to, not even after taking a month off of it. I wish I knew where I could fill it around me that carries the KVK brand as I understand that to be one of the best. I know that there is 1 brand that carried by both my Walmart & Kroger pharmacies that is Mutual Tech. & it's awful! I might as well take a sugar pill & hope for the best. :/ So keep in mind, brands definitely do matter. I researched it online after trying to figure out if I'd just gotten a bad batch when I read probably hundreds of posts with complaints of different manufacturers. From what I've gathered & from my personal experience, KVK seems to be #1 & Qualitest is #2 for generic versions, based on effectiveness...but medicines will affect everyone differently, so we have to remember that.
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