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awwww.... I love me some veggies - and I really didn't like any of the cruciferous veggies as a child - they tasted so strongly of sulfur to me. (broccoli, brussels sprouts)

Some of my fave veggies are the ones most hated in this thread. Peas, okra, avocado, mushrooms. Okra is my absolute fave...and not even fried. (Folks i never cook okra on its own, it's always cooked with tomato which makes it a lot less slimy). Beets. Love beets. Pan fried with a thin coating of rye flour...delish!

But - I still don't like:
*raw celery - it's the strings
*bitter melon - I tried. If forced I'd try again.

And I have great sympathy with the baby corn haters. I don't hate it. I will eat it. I think it looks so adorable, but I would never fork out money for it.

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