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Just get back on track. You can't compensate for it, but you CAN hop right back on the horse, whatever the carbs did to you will work itself out over the next few days. The problem isn't necessarily carbs that you can burn, but that you may have replenished your glycogen stores (what you empty out in the first few days of IP when you get into ketosis). Your body just has to go through that process, exercise won't get you there sooner.

In the future, planning is going to be your BEST friend. If you know you have an event coming up, try and contact the coordinator or the restaurant/caterer. Tell them you have medical dietary restrictions and need plain (no sauce) meat, and plain green veggies. If you can't make arrangements ahead of time, plan to eat something before you leave, and bring a bar with you.

Most of all, don't hesitate to be proactive about your dietary needs. If you were diabetic, you wouldn't hesitate to speak up and make sure you could attend the event in a way that was safe for your health -think of this the same way. And just for the record, MOST of the time, WE are a lot more focused on whether we "look" different or eat differently at a food-based function than anyone. Most of the time, nobody actually notices what we are eating or NOT eating

Originally Posted by dukeofllano View Post
Hello! I have been on IP 2 weeks, LOVE it, no cheating and no plans to cheat!! However, today I was a guest at a fancy luncheon. I was assuming they would serve SOMETHING i could eat, like chicken breast or salad.. however, that did not happen!! First course was a fruit salad/gelatin-- second course was chicken pot pie that was mostly gooey ( i picked out what meat and broccoli I could), and then of course dessert. I tried my hardest but it was impossible ( and rude to my hosts) not to eat anything.. I even ended up with 3-4 bites of dessert. Anyway, what's the best way to recover from this? Jog a mile to burn up the carbs? I really didn't want to have any non-protocol food for at least a month or 2, help!!
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