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But I am very annoyed that many of the clinics in Canada have switched to protidiet and protithin products and change at last double what we were able to buy them for online from Canadian sources.

Since these IP clinics have started doing this we can no longer get the proti stuff directly from the previous sellers. We can order it from American sources but have to pay huge shipping fees and duty.

It seems to me that if the clinics that switched had the power to stop the online sale of proti products (and also because IP and Proti products are all made in Quebec) there is likely a connection between the two types of products.
Actually, I followed up on Protidiet one day and came tho their web site, protifoods. If you are familiar with IP web site and the story of the diet, you will find the information sounds familiar. I first thought this may be a Chinese hack web site, but then searched internationally.

The French site seems to be the more established site ( and it tells the same old story. If you go to the diet information site ( you will actually see the different phases of the diet. If that sounds familiar (you may need google translate), then you are not alone. Let's also remember that the original diet started somewhere in France. Voila. I think the Protidiet products were the original IP diet products. They should therefore work the same.

IP must have split off for whatever reasons. The two plants in Quebec do not seem to be related.
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