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Originally Posted by Fabulousatfifty View Post
I had WI today and down 1.8. I did the plan perfect this week, but found out I was drinking too many of the pre-mad shakes. They are much higher in fat than the powder shakes. My coach said that I should only have one every other day - makes sense, they were just so yummy, filling and convenient. Anyone else have this happen?

Also, I have been trying to not have restricted foods, does that make much of a difference if you stick to just one a day?

I am going to integrate a hard boiled egg in the morning and reduce my protein in the evening. Waiting to eat my protein until the family dinner at 6-6:30 has been very hard!

Just playing with how my body is reacting to the choices of the IP food I am making. Would LOVE your feedback!
You got a great answer re: sadness. Another thing to consider is the just overall withdrawal from food behaviors. We don't have food to run to anymore. You'll feel better, I promise!

Now, re: RTDs
Ugh! Another coach trying to "tweak" a program that needs no tweaking! I wish they'd learn this causes frustration, uncertainty, and makes people feel like they're doing something wrong when they are not!

You are doing the plan exactly right! You can have 2 non-restricteds and 1 restricted every day. If the 2 non-restricteds are ready-to-drinks then you are 100% on plan! Drink away my dear! And eat your restricteds. If the plan wanted you to only have them a few times per week, it would be written that way.

Remember, the people who wrote the actual plan know WAY MORE than your coach, who has had some training from either the company or from another person (coach/rep).

You can even have that HB egg AND all your protein, if you want. Many people have 2 egg whites (that's a 0/0/0, where the whole egg has some fat)

I often have my snack in the late afternoon, rather than after dinner. I'm a teacher and an after-school snack has been part of my life for (omg...) 45 years! (since kindergarten...I'll be 50 next Mon). If I do that and I STILL need something in the evening, (which is rare) I grab a collagen packet (rasp jello or blue/cran/pom drink) as an extra for the day.

Eat all your foods (restricteds too) and I bet you'll feel better. Some of us here have found we lose BETTER when restricteds are included (same with making ultra-sure the oil is added to food every day)!

Keep up the good work! A 1.8 loss is better than the alternative (0 loss or a gain!). The scale is headed in the direction you want it to head!

edit: I just noticed your WIs in your sig. Do I see a sad face associated with a 7" loss? Please tell me that's not what I see! We celebrate ALL losses on this board, knowing that the first week or 2 will always be bigger than later, as we settle in to the "real work" of losing weight over the long term.

Originally Posted by bubbleblower View Post
(BTW, anyone in the market for a very lightly used Wii and Wii Fit? I'm willing to take a reasonable offer to avoid the whole Ebay hassle. They're in the original boxes and are like new. I just don't use them anymore.)
Hey! Where were you in Dec? Ebay is a hassle!
I got my set for a reasonable price but would have loved to keep the $ in the "family".
Just razzin' you. I know it will find a good home. Mine is being used a lot more in Feb than it was in Jan. In March my goal is no more than 5 empty spaces on the calendar....and 4 of them I'll be out-of-town!

Originally Posted by wildviolets View Post
Thanks! I'll ask.
My coach had to order me one. She now has 3-4 on a table in the clinic
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