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Originally Posted by De11s View Post
TOM might be a good thing, I bloat until right before, then a big woosh so I will be praying for the Woosh Fairy to be there for you too.
I guess I bloat right before too. Had my weigh in yesterday and coach asked me before if my period was coming or anything else she needed to know before weighing. I just said no not even thinking about it (lot's going on right now family wise). So I only lost 0.2 and she was all concerned. Well yesterday afternoon cramps started. Went on my scale this morning just to see. It is showing down 5lbs! Now I won't hold to that number for official weigh in, but wouldn't it be nice to see myself in the 170's permanately.

Originally Posted by SFNinerGirl View Post
Morning all.

Off to a rough start this morning. Hubby and I got into it so I'm sitting in a Starbucks getting work done while he's "home sick" (aka didn't wake up to his alarm).

Hoping for a better day from here on.
Hope your day does get better. I guess that means argument according to someone elses reply.....I thought it meant drinking last night. That's how I would have worded it back when we were drinking.....

Originally Posted by MntRose View Post
Ooh that sounds so yummy, care to share your recipes or a link if they are somewhere I have missed?

As for me, feel sort of blah at the moment, was running a slight fever all night and the scale isn't budging again. Realize I haven't had a bowel movement in a few days at least. I saw someone mention Metamucil is that allowed OP? Or other ideas? I am getting my 4 cups of veggies in each day. I get at least 64 ounces of water each day, normally average 100.

Thanks Peeps and have a wonderful weekend!
There is always smooth move. I just found it in Canada and tried it. It seems to work. Doesn't taste so good. I actually added another decafe tea bag of peach ginger to it to mask the taste. But things are moving smoothly.....

Everyone is complaining about me being on this site waiting for my attention, yet they are planning on going to McDonalds later so I am trying to tell them this is my thearpy and helps me get through sitting at mcdonalds. Soon this mcdonalds stuff is going to stop. A special treat with their dad today though so will let it slide. Have a great day everyone.
I just upped my ticker by 41 lbs since April. Time to do something about it.
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