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Originally Posted by Fabulousatfifty View Post
Hello Ipeeps (I stole that from someone but think it is so cute!)

I had WI today and down 1.8. So why am I sad? I did the plan perfect this week, but found out I was drinking too many of the pre-mad shakes. They are much higher in fat than the powder shakes. My coach said that I should only have one every other day - makes sense, they were just so yummy, filling and convenient. Anyone else have this happen?

Also, I have been trying to not have restricted foods, does that make much of a difference if you stick to just one a day?

I am goign to integrate a hard boiled egg in the morning and reduce my protein in the evening. Waiting to eat my protein until the family dinner at 6-6:30 has been very hard!

Just playing with how my body is reacting to the choices of the IP food I am making. Would LOVE your feedback!

Your feeling sad because of the estrogen that is being released into your blood stream. Fat cells carry estrogen so as you lose weight the estrogen goes into your blood stream and wreaks havoc with your hormonal levels. I went through this also. It did go away after about three weeks. In addition to that carbs actually help the production of one of the happy chemicals in our brain ( seratonin maybe?) so its a double wammy.

Lost 30 on IP last year, kept it off until the holidays and now wham..gained 30 here I am again

1 for each 5 lbs..gone for good!
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