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I'm sooo happy that you had a good experience (better than expected).

By the way... Being in ketosis ISN'T that hard to do. I did it for six months on Atkins, eating twice as many "calories" a day as I do on IP, and was in ketosis. I do get a little irritated hearing about going out of ketosis because one little thing is ingested that is not on plan. (My personal peeve on this diet) Dr. Tran didn't invent it!

I had the talk with my coach 2 weeks ago. He said he'd still see me, but he gave me "the look" and pretty much didn't want to hear about it. I told him it was for financial reasons. I didn't tell him it was for FLAVOR reasons too.

Well, he went and got a "real job" and his wife has now taken over the daily clinic duties, and today was my first meeting with her...

I'd met her at orientation, and she was there my very first weigh in. I did not get good vibes from her. Every question I asked (because of serious medical concerns) was "Just follow the plan and it will work." I heard that several times in my 20 min visit.

I was very uptight about seeing her this morning. I KNEW my weight loss was good (because I weigh in every day at home anyway)...but I'm on 2/3 alternatives.

She was ecstatic about my weight loss. She wanted me to use the water/muscle mass dohickie I think is a waste of time, and I said no. (Charge extra for me to hold it for 10 seconds...right!) She did NOT bother me about my food choices I am purchasing from her (I don't eat restricted items), she DID give me the look, even pointed out verbally she was giving me the look about the alternatives, and I shrugged and said, "I can't afford it."

And she offered to help me organize a plan for my 2 week vacation coming up the end of the month.

All in all, I was pretty pleased with her today, and I might rethink the going it alone. I don't think I NEED her... We'll see. I'll give her/them the benefit of the doubt...for now.

I'm just happy I don't have the experiences some people have when they must face off with their coaches. And I'm in Canada, so there is ZERO doctor supervision (I see a GP regularly though!) and I get uptight when they start talking medical stuff/nutrition they have NO IDEA about... She didn't go there with me, so we're on good terms so far.

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