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Default Why am I sad?

Hello Ipeeps (I stole that from someone but think it is so cute!)

I had WI today and down 1.8. So why am I sad? I did the plan perfect this week, but found out I was drinking too many of the pre-mad shakes. They are much higher in fat than the powder shakes. My coach said that I should only have one every other day - makes sense, they were just so yummy, filling and convenient. Anyone else have this happen?

Also, I have been trying to not have restricted foods, does that make much of a difference if you stick to just one a day?

I am goign to integrate a hard boiled egg in the morning and reduce my protein in the evening. Waiting to eat my protein until the family dinner at 6-6:30 has been very hard!

Just playing with how my body is reacting to the choices of the IP food I am making. Would LOVE your feedback!

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