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Default Breaking up is hard to do, and WHOA!!!!!!!!! (LONG)

I did it ladies (and gents)!! I had 'the talk' with my coach. I wasn't fully awake and nervous, so afraid she would think I am failing. (Yes, that WAS one of my reasons for not talking to her.)

Well, it went better than (but as) expected. I told her we needed to talk and how I was feeling for awhile. How I felt about last weeks interaction. How I didn't think we had bonded despite all the time I have been going to the clinic. I told her I understood that since I was doing so well and didn't really have any ?? because I was on 3FC and a friends of mine had gone through the program. (They must freakin hate 3FC!!) I came clean with the alternatives. She understood why I was trying alternatives. She did not get mad, she seemed disappointed. She said that I could buy food from them but I couldn't get monitored. I said I understood completely, I expected it, that it is a hard decision, I want the accountability.

She explained to me that using alternatives could bump me out of ketosis and slow my wgt loss. I told her I didn't believe that, that friends of mine were strictly alternative and lost wgt and that if ketosis was so fragile to maintain, how can this diet work if we eat 1 thing off plan?? (I don't mean cheat, I mean out of necessity.) She said Dr. Barley looked in to these products when they 1st came out and they weren't the same formula as IP.

BUT I did start to wonder given how things had been going the past 2wks. Did I make a mistake using alternatives??

She told me it was a medically monitored program. I said, you don't check my labs or B/P. (Ok, this was me getting feisty, it wasn't really confrontational.) She then said that if there was a pattern of gain or little loss, it would be brought to the attention of Dr. Barley and he would talk to the client.

Finally, I said, will you at least weigh me today??? I have on size 18 (Thanks Scorbett) pants that were too tight two weeks ago.

She said of course and I think was EXPECTING pretty much the same WI as the previous 2wks esp since I came clean with the alternatives.

Well, she couldn't even write down what the scale was telling her at 1st, she almost dropped my file.

TEN POUNDS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!! And about a 2inch loss. She was so flabbergasted, (As was I) I didn't ask her to add it up, but I did see the new measurements.

She was like, um........I have to show Dr. Barley this. I kind of felt bad for her at that point. I in no way think she wanted me to fail just so she could be right, I think she was truly surprised.

She looked at me, almost tears in her eyes. She asked me not to do alternatives for the next 2wks until I go to Ireland. (I thought about it) I told her I couldn't promise her that. That the thought of just the IP non-restricts made me want to barf. I KNOW people who stay 100% IP with no problem, totally puffed up with pride as I mentioned Wuv and Dr. Tran. (It was like do you know who I know?? )

We agreed that I would see her the next two weeks before I left for Ireland. I told her we would not discuss the alternatives anymore but if we had to part ways, at least it would be at at good time.

She also wanted to talk to me about phasing and my trip.

It seemed like the 1st time we actually talked. And she seemed genuinely happy for me.

I told her, I truly believe in the program, that **** I may go work for that Dr in England someday. (IP is going through GB and Ireland, to start in July, I have been in touch with the director of the program there.) Maybe this will have them think about adding Alternatives in to the clinic.

It would be great to not only want to make money, but truly help everyone, not just those that can afford IP.

Anyway, I am beside myself, I have a lot to errands to run and want to treat myself, NOT FOOD, but I can't think of how.

THANK YOU ALL for helping me and your continued support!!!

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