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Originally Posted by lcheech View Post
Had my weigh in yesterday, I'm down another 3 lbs. Which is very surprising because I was working overnights until Tuesday, and wasn't getting very much sleep. But I also wasn't eating very much either.. Hey i'm not complaining. lol

So I'm reaching a stressful time in my life. I just sold my house last night. yay!!! So I have to worry about packing, and moving.. And my husband and I are moving in his parents basement until at least November, while our new house is being built. We are Italian. And my worst struggle with IP is, that everytime my husband's mother cooks, (God love her) it's never anything I can eat. Once we move in, I don't plan on eating with them every night. But i know they will want us up for Sunday dinners. And there are just so many times I can explain to her, that I can't eat, pasta, or homemade pizza, or breaded chicken/veal cutlets, or deep fried food before I either cave, or snap at her..
I'm so worried that not only is his family, not going to give us the privacy that we need, but that they will always want us to come up for dinner.I really don't know what to do. I've told her several times, things that I can't eat and she just doesn't get it.
Wow, that def sounds like a tough one but maybe if she expects you to join them for dinner you can bring/make your own meal and eat with may put her off at first but once she physically sees how you are eating, maybe she'll start adding things to her menu to include you. It's possible that she just doesn't know what a meal without carbs looks like! LOL
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