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I have a goal posted because I couldn't figure out how to do a ticker without a goal, but that was always just an estimate. What I really have as my goal is to eliminate all of the medical risk factors associated with size. My goals are:

1. BMI in the healthy range (less than 25)
2. Waist the right size for my height and hip ratio (less than 35 but some say no more than half your height; also, I think waist to hip ratio is supposed to be no more than .8, or something like that)
3. Body fat percentage in the healthy range (this varies depending on what you go by, but definitely less than what it is now. I may have to be in maintenance to hit this one because I might have to start lifting weights to build the necessary muscle.)

Also, I would like to be at a definite size, ie., not inbetween sizes when I stop. But I won't be able to tell that until I am closer, and working on the body fat thing may affect that as well in maintenance.

So there you go! Total confusion on my part, but I still have a ways to go before I leave phase one. Hopefully I will have it all figured out in a couple of months!
~ Alison

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