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Originally Posted by LexiChanel1 View Post

How tall are you?
I am 5 feet tall and I am still not thin at 123 lbs. I am a size 10. If you ate 5 foot 4 and 135, you caould possibly be thin enough size 6 or even 4 and be ready to phase off. I know I look skeletal at a size 4, I am petite and carry in my boobs. I think it sounds like its time to phase off. I think you will need eat a healthy diet and exercise to maintain. I always have done so. I eat enry healthy and execrcise and my extra 30 lbs were due to overeating during preganancy. I ve been very thin my whole life, never above 105. But it takes allot of hard work, eating right and lifting weights and doing cardio at least 3 days a week, thats my input, Good Luck
I am 5'5". I wear a size 6 although not in a dress. I was looking at bikinis at Victoria's Secret. Unless I buy the pieces separately, I can either buy a size for my chest but the bottoms will fall down, or a size for my bottom and my top will fall down. DH votes for the second choice. LOL
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