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I really know how you feel right now. My DH and some of my coworkers(who are like brothers to me) are actually getting mad that I want to keep losing weight. They get huffy and puffy and just say that I need to be careful and not get too skinny. I think they are just being protective, which I appreciate. However, I've seen huge progress in the shape of my body with this diet and the excercise I'm doing and even now, I'm questioning what weight I should get too. I know I'm not ready to phase off but since you sound so unsure here is my suggestion. First, go with your gut feeling. If you believe you should phase off, then do it. It doesn't hurt to see how it works for you and if in a few weeks you feel like it wasn't enough, then come back. Actually, I read that alot of people do that to kick start their losses when they see a stall. Like you, I don't want to be skinny minnie. I have curves and I love that about me.. so if you think you are seeing skin and bones, I would phase off and start doing some excercise to tone up. Good Luck to you! I bet you look amazing!

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