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Originally Posted by scorbett1103 View Post
I don't really think the goal should be eliminating every ounce of fat on our bodies. We are all built differently - I am ALWAYS going to be curvy, my body is just built to carry a little extra padding and I'm fine with that. If you are feeling like you have already lost more weight than you are comfortable with, you should definitely consider phasing off.
I went to bed having decided that I would move to Phase 2 today. But, as a last hurrah, I weighed myself and I am down to 135.6. On Monday, I just started taking my thyroid meds in the middle of the night since I had been taking my supplements 30 minutes after taking them (for the last 5 months.) Now I have a nice 4 hour minimum before, between, and after the 2 doses of thyroid meds.

So that still leaves me with the fear that I am going to mess something up by changing things now. The diet does nothing for me if the hormones are off. Losing weight tells me that I am heading in the right direction.

So how does one conquer the fear of coming off Phase 1?
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