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SoftSpeaker Cravings suck. When TOM comes around, I always leave some calories spare to eat some chocolate or whatever else I'm craving - within reason. If I want fast food, I'll have a cheeseburger and small fries - none of this extra large everything. If I want chocolate, I'll have a fun size bar. I can't really be strict enough to keep anything off limits forever, because I know it won't work long term. Also I am trying to drink more water because I totally mistake thirst for hunger!

beahawkins I'm totally not anti-medication or anything, but have you tried any natural remedies for your concentration? I know this isn't that helpful but I seem to recall there are some natural remedies or something that can help with your concentration. I'm thinking Omega 3s like those found in salmon and "healthy" oils. Hah, sorry, I know that sounds silly. Hope the test went ok!
July 19 2010: 85kg/187.3lbs May 2011: 60kg/132.2lb (crept on up until...)August 2015: 74kg/163lb

What I'm doing: Trying to be mindful of calories, but not stress myself out. Trying to be active at least every second day.

Ultimate Goal:A healthy, happy 58kg/128lb
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