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Hi all!

I'm starting to have to prioritize planning the March event over some of my diet stuff--this is not good and I need to find a way to do both. Someone started a thread about things we tell ourselves for motivation--I'm going to turn some of those into response cards, and I'm going to print them out and scatter them around my desk at home and at work.

Food was OP today--that was hard. I had to do a major grocery trip after work for the weekend of baking and cooking and I was too tired to want to cook. But dinner was planned, the recipe picked out, the food all in the house--and I came home and made it, tired as I was. I did a great job of not finishing what I was too full for, even though it was portioned out. The new recipe (Easy Lemon-Chicken Piccata) is a keeper, too, which is nice.

The other part of food that was hard today is that someone brought in homemade danishes. I love danishes. I looked. They were still there after lunch. I had a firm talk with myself. I don't know if they were all eaten by the end of the day--but I am glad that I didn't eat one and stayed OP!

Exercise was OP, too--but nowhere near as challenging!

I've got a pretty loose plan for tomorrow--we'll be having lunch in a college cafeteria, so I can't really plan for that. I'll eyeball portions and leave what's too much on my plate.

Bootedkitty: Credit for walking and swimming and staying OP--even when swamped at work.

BillBE: I love your umbrella story! Are you finding that the effects of larger than planned snacks are showing up on the scale, or are they larger without impact?

NewLifeStyle (Ann): An hour of shoveling is definitely exercise. I'm impressed that you can be thankful for snow--even if it did help you do something healthy!

Lexiss: Yay for not eating over frustrations!

Nola145: Credit for walking further than you did the day before. I walk at work, too (inside). I've only seen a few minutes of WATP and it seems pretty intense. (I have a few on VHS and intend to try them.)

maryann: I am glad that Dr Beck spelled out that it was going to take time and energy to do this--I am finding that it does--and it is easier knowing that it's supposed to, isn't it?

onebyone: Don't forget to take credit for smashing the sabotaging thoughts! Yeah for 0.6 lbs--any loss is worth celebrating!

nationalparker: I'm thinking about you and your eyes--I hope you start seeing rapid improvement. Major credit for staying in calorie range for a week!

Tazzy: Big credit for resisting the chocolate covered macademia nuts today!

bigChiefDavid: Please share any ideas you have for improving reading of response cards--I could use some hints as well. (Anyone else is begged to chime in.)

Take care, all.
Goal: Back to where I was!
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