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I have PCOS and Insulin Resistance, which has lead to pre-Diabetes. So I'm very focused on lowering my carbs. And when I do eat them, I eat them according to the INsulin Resistance Diet framework so they don't cause blood sugar spikes:

If I eat carbs, I must eat them with protein
I must eat 7 grams of protein for every 14 grams of carb (basically one serving for one serving)
I must limit carbs in one meal to 30 grams (2 servings)

Most days I don't eat that many carbs, but this framework allows me great flexibility when we eat out.

In addition, I calorie count. I aim for an average of 1200-1500 calories a day. This allows me to eat low for a few days, then eat higher on days that I'm going out with my family (still within the IR Diet framework, to avoid insulin spikes).

I've tried JUDDD and had a great result from it. But I found that I couldn't eat so low in calories without getting headaches and cramps. However, it DID teach me that hunger isn't a big deal. When I eat low-carb, hunger comes gently up to the door and knocks, saying, "Hey, um... you know, you might want to think about eating in the next hour or so". When I tried eating low-fat/higher carb, it would burst down the door, grab me by the collar and shout, "EAT! NOW!!" So now if I want to be able to keep hunger as an intuitive issue, not a primal Eat Now thing, I need to keep low-carb.
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