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I love seafood and fish. Especially scallops. LOL. Funny how people are different. Love my fish cooked or raw, on the half-shell or in sushi or just about any old way. Squid, Octopus, tuna, pickled herring - yum!

I have eaten everything mentioned above, including marmite - pretty salty!!!!! I have had lots of ethnic food in my travels and loved most of it and found none of it uneatable.

I do not love the Portuguese national dish - Salt Cod. It's not that I don't like cod, it is the extreme saltiness that gets to me.

I am not fond of brown rice - love white; love wild - brown always tastes rancid to me. Along the same lines, I have bought all kinds of whole wheat pasta. I can eat it, but I don't like it, so I let it sit in the pantry until it is too old to eat. There really is no substitute for good pasta.

Eggplant tastes like styrofoam, even soaked in grease.

Oh yes, Okra is probably almost uneatable. Breaded and fried in a ton of bacon grease so's you can't tell what it is maybe OK, but fixed in any way that is remotely healthy, forget it. My BIL gave me a bunch of okra and I was sure I could make something good - nope.

I don't like imitation grape flavored candy or drinks. Other imitation flavors - bring 'em on.

I have heard folks say they can't stand the icing on the cakes you order at the grocery store. Well, I love it. If it isn't greasy, it doesn't belong on the top of a cake. I don't like the "Fluffy" white stuff. I think "Fluffy" is code for non-fat.

Love liver, don't mind kidney. I haven't tried brains or tripe.

I always wish I didn't like everything. Maybe I would be thin. Hah! I just can't stand the idea of missing out on something delicious when the opportunity presents itself.
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