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Cool scale


The Official Scale has me down by 0.6lbs today. The lady said "that's more than 1/2 a pound," when she saw the disappointment on my face. Yeah I know. But I *wanted* to see 3lbs cause I've be soooo good all week. And? And? Yeah. Cry me a river. We're all striving to be on plan. That's what "being good" means to me now. But I wanted the reward cause I just got back to doing this "right" waaaah. Ok I'll stop. That line of thinking will get me nowhere but headed to the sabotaging thought of "poor baby you deserve to have X". Um no. I deserve to *feel good* and *take credit* for a whole week on plan and for reaching out and doing what I need to do to right myself. The true reward is I feel hopeful and sane again. Yay. And, actually, I already got a gift today: full festival general admission wristbands to Bluesfest in Ottawa this summer (Bjork! BB KING! = yes I am going to have a summer vacation afterall) and I am getting something else this afternoon: A Richeson Baby Press! (this is a printing press-not a baby-related crafty thing - or crafts using a baby thing ). Very excited to be able to afford this! I expect to have and use this thing happily until I die. Yay!

And the result of all these events? I found myself in the G-D HAM again as I stood over the stove with it and I was putting it into the crockpot for lentil soup. It *almost made it from plate to crockpot but some took a detour into my face. Ham. I never knew it could vex me so. It's gone now.

And I did stop eating over the stove and I did track my points.

So, that's my story so far. Hope your day out there is going well. Bye!
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