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Originally Posted by katrinakit View Post
I actually do not think many proponents of low carb diets would disagree with that statement. It is essentially correct. However, it is a lot easier to stick to a diet that is low carb and many people have less cravings on a low carb plan. So, in a practical sense, you might say "a calorie is a calorie but some calories lead to eating more calories". I'm sure someone who is less stressed and better with words could phrase that better but that is basically a summary of my opinion
I think you said it wonderfully.

From a weight loss perspective, a calorie may well be a calorie. That doesn't mean that sugar calories aren't a contributor to the high rate of diabetes in much of the western world, or that they doesn't cause cravings. I think there is widespread agreement that our processed food has way more sugar added to it than it needs.

I don't know anyone who says "all calories are created equal and are equally good/bad for your body". There aren't doctors going around saying "It doesn't matter if you eat 100% carbs (or protein) (or fat) as long as your calorie count is right." I think he set up a straw man and then tried to tear it down.
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