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I believe in a sense that a calorie is a calorie. What that means for anyone, depends on what their goals are. Weight loss, health, overcoming food sensitivities etc.

For me, in my journey, I lost about the same amount of weight on a diet of 1200 calories of Popeye's fried chicken and Snickers chocolate as I did on 1200 calories of chicken breasts and veggies. Obviously one diet made my journey a lot easier and filled me up a lot better and another was a load of constant hunger and cravings, not to talk about whatever unknown damage was being done to my insides.

I think a calorie of junk is the same as a calorie of "real" food in terms of what it takes to burn it but definitely not in terms of how it makes you behave around food, or how it makes you feel or even look. And of course if you have food sensitivities, then a calorie becomes even less of a calorie in the real sense.
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