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Default New Member And A Few Questions

Hello folks.

Just joined up and have a few questions. But first just a little info because I can't be helped if people don't know my circumstances. The wife and I have been on IP for the last two weeks - her officially, myself following along. Due to my extreme sensitivity to soy and the digestive problems it causes me and the fact that her "coach" is an idiot and less than helpful - I didn't "officially" join thinking that why waste the money if I can't use the products.

Anyway through experimentation I have found that I do not react to the RTD shakes of the orange, peach-mango, vanilla and the chicken soup. So this is what I have been consuming. So in the first week on plan I lost 15 pounds. Hot damn, it's true what they say about this plan is what I was thinking.

So today was the end of week two and I was ready for another drop in scale numbers - not as big as the first but something based on the average numbers for men I've read about.

Bingo-bango get on the scale and it registers a total loss of 0.0 pounds. WTF

My question(s) is/are: Is this normal? I've followed the program to a tee - or so I think

Breakfast - RTD shake - peach-mango
Lunch - chicken soup packet or RTD vanilla shake - 2 cups of veggies - cucumbers/celery with lettuce and two tablespoons WF thousand island dressing
Dinner - 8 oz protein - lean red meat or pork (can't eat chicken - causes vomiting) 2 cups veggies - some form of asparagus/cauliflower/broccoli
snack in the evening is another RTD shake - orange drink

64+ oz of water are consumed daily and I only drink two cups of coffee in the morning - black

I take all the required vitamins and have not cheated once.

The only med I am on is 20 mg of Nexium

I haven't been exercising - just running to the bathroom to urinate every 45 minutes it seems - LOL my response typical? I am averaging 7.5 pounds lost per week which is great but I was quite shocked that there was nothing lost in week two. Just my naturally knee jerk response is WTF - as with every other diet I ever tried it has ended the same - 15 pounds lost - and nothing and then I lose motivation and return to old patterns.

As I've indicated I guess I'm looking for some direction - as I've indicated my wife's coach is an idiot imho and less than helpful so I've turned to this forum for help/support/reassurance or some direction.

Thanks for reading the novel and I look forward to being a part of the group.
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