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Beth, I'd love to pick up that book when I can, I might check if a local library has it I don't think the planning in advance would work for me, but I can see exactly how it works in theory! As I don't have a permanent place to stay right now, it's easiest for me to just pick up food as and when I can, and I've learned a lot these past few months about what works and what doesn't... So I basically have some "go to" foods in mind. I'm always close to swimming pools, within a few miles, and I want to start going once a week. That plus getting a good 2 mile walk in every day (not hard as I'm moving about so much!).

Daimere, I did WW several years ago, and it did work! I lost 3 stone in maybe 6 months? This was when I went swimming practically every night after work for hours though I didn't realise you could get apps for old versions of it... When I did it, I had a book and a sheet of paper and a pen, heh! I'll check out the app store and online to see what I can find out. Might give it a try to see if I can incorporate some bits. And I know what you mean about hoarding the info, I have a bookmarks folder on my phone with health, nutrition, fitness and hormones info with a list of sites longer than my arm, all of which I've found useful at some point!

Charliee, the big black cloud of doom is very bad!! I just find that despite my best intentions I go running for the food when I'm stressed/depressed (which is regularly, especially right now ). I really do need to focus my mind somehow, when being "mindful" just isn't working. In the past, I used diets to beat myself up with because I fundamentally hated myself, then I almost instantly fell off the wagon and binged. I'm so scared of going back to that, but I know this time I have my head in the right place. I'm not losing weight SO I can love myself, I'm doing it BECAUSE I do. I think that's the fundamental difference this time that will make it work, the "this time it's different" thing. Because regardless of whether or not I lose weight, it IS different

And with that long rambling reply, thankyou all very much!
2.5 years later... found the way to combine IE with calorie counting!

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