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Like Coffeeshopgirl said--perfectionism. That is the enemy. I remind myself that it is the average of my eating and exercise that is going to matter, not the one day of extra activity or the two days of overeating. You might find that that weight you gained comes off really easily. The little spikes can be like that. If you didn't really eat enough for it to be fat, like you said, could be anything and may resolve itself. I try to weigh myself right after a slip and then put in a quality five days or so before I weigh again, but some people stay more focused if they weigh more often. I like weighing every week or so so that I don't get down about the inevitable fluctuations which may be all this is. Keep going! Think small picture, one meal at a time, or big picture, one vacation does not define your efforts. each works in different ways for different people. Find what works for you. And congrats on your losses so far!

Next mini goal- below 144lbs- 144 is my magic number. I have a mental block about 144. Whenever I get there I start gaining. I got to 142 briefly but it didn't last.

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