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I completely understand what you're going through in terms of trying to stay focused on your weight loss when other things in your day to day are not going as you want them. The last few months have really been up and down for me in terms of my personal and professional life and sometimes it can be really hard to focus on anything other than the giant cloud of doom above my head.

About a month and a half ago I came back to this forum and it made me realize that despite whatever happens or does not happen in the day to day drama that is my life, I am determined to lose weight. I may not know how I'm going to keep my checking account out of a negative balance, but I know I'm going to lose weight.

Right now getting healthier is the only thing that I have complete control of right now. And as long as I try to remember that (and keep checking in here) I'm (mostly) able to stay motivated.

I'm using myfitnesspal to track my calories and exercise (my username is birdieey if you want to add me). I don't really restrict much from my diet, except regular pop, and just try to stay within my allotted calories. I have found that by tracking what I'm eating I am more prone to choose healthier options, but if I'm craving a burger and fries I'll have it and modify my calories and exercise for the rest of the day.

Right now I'm doing about 1 hour a day of cardio at least 5 times a week. But as of March 1st (for 30 days) I'm going to lower it to about 45 mins daily and add in a few days of weight training.

I've been doing this for about 6 weeks and I've been losing pretty consistently between 1-3 pounds.

I think maybe tracking your eating and or upping your exercise will help you start moving back in the right direction. Good luck and keep us posted!
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