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Default Checking out other plans - need advice


Ok, here it is. I'm doing Intuitive Eating, which I love. I've been at it since early December, and lost 16lbs. However, I've regained 8

My plan was to take a maintenance break, but my weight has continued to go up. While I know that I've formed loads of great habits so far (cutting way back on refined sugar, understanding that exercise makes me feel great, believing I can do it, learning healthy recipes that I love, finding out which foods make me feel better/worse, hugely curbing the binge eating, making weight loss feel sustainable and not a chore, not having to clear my plate... being just a few!) there is one MAJOR problem.

I find the whole introspective nature of IE really hard to follow when I'm under stress. My eating habits and my thorough examination of them takes a back seat while I figure out other problems. Trying to work out whether or not I'm hungry when I'm also trying to figure out how to pay bills this month is nigh on impossible. If I don't do something about this NOW, I can see the gain continuing.

I want to cheat on my plan! I think I need something different, firstly to improve my focus, as it'll be like starting out again. Also, I think most people can learn something new from every plan under the sun. I don't think there needs to be One Definitive Plan that works for me all the time. I'm thinking of it as simply adding another weapon to my arsenal in the battle against the fat monster!

A few things, I'm pretty broke, so can't be doing any meetings or similar things, it'll be best doing it off my own back with foods cooked from scratch. I don't see any foods as "good" or "bad" as for me (prone to bingeing) that gives food too much power. I have a few things in mind... paleo, low carb, calorie counting. I like apps so feel free to suggest any that support the plan you're doing.

I was just wondering if anyone could give me a brief (or long! ) rundown of what your plan is, what you like/dislike about it, how you've found it for sustainability, or whatever else you think is relevant?

Ps: sorry about the super-long post... I guess I'm venting my frustration about having gone halfway back on 2.5 months of progress in what seems like a few weeks. Rant over and thanks for reading/commenting
2.5 years later... found the way to combine IE with calorie counting!

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