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Hi all,

I let it get too late, so this'll be quick. I promised myself I wouldn't let myself go two nights without posting, though, so I give myself credit for that.

Meals were almost OP today. At the last minute, I added sauteed mushrooms and onions and subtracted mayonnaise from my burger. Other than that, it was just as planned.

Exercise was as planned, too. Credit for that.

I'm getting so busy planning for our big March event that I'm not reading my response cards or making new ones--and I need to. The "It's easier to stay on track than get back on track" one is at my monitor so I read it constantly and am internalizing it. I need to create some on how I'm going to do that in challenging situations (like our weekend long big event).

I had a visit with a dietitian today (I wrote that up in a thread in Calorie Counters)--it was really helpful--and credit to me for making that happen.

DH noted today "you're really getting thinner".

A friend at work is encouraging me to make more changes to my eating--less meat, more branching out, etc. (totally supportive of my weight loss) At this point, I feel as if I'm making as many changes at a time as I can handle--I made a bunch all at once and now I need to get them to be complete habits before I add anything else in. Credit to me for recognizing that and sticking to it.

I wish I had time for personals tonight--I'm thinking so much energy at all of you!

Take care, all.
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