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Ugh. I can't keep up with everything and it is annoying.. I am going to make an appointment so that my doctor will give me some a.d.d. meds. It's killing me!! I have no idea how I made it before being on stimulation meds. No good.

I didn't make my 35 miles for February goal because the surgery; as of today I have 27.3 miles so I am not too far off! If I go another 3 tomorrow, I will have only missed 5!! But I am not going to push it, because I have a zumba class tomorrow! ($15 groupon for 10 classes!! I think so!)

And my surgery is letting me start physical therapy. I wasn't able to start before because I had a deductible which caused a $270 copay! But now it is free!! Ok well off to try to do some homework and shower.
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