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New little personal challenge o' the Faithful Follower of the Sane Weight Management Society, Queen/Empress Am2, a wee personal royal streak challenge to keep EVIL STRESS EATING AT BAY FOR A WHILE in the Royal Realm o' Am2. A lot of negative thoughts & JUST THINGS are causin' angst in the personal royal life and while we remain adamantly wheat free here in our personal Queendom, our calories are creepin' up. We are binge free, just eatin' a bit too high on the caloric hog for sane weight management and we really don't feel well at that caloric level.

So we will play a game. The Royal Good Calorie Level Streak Challenge to see how many consecutive days we can stay at 1600 or below, which is kind of a challenging amount for us.

Since we calorie cycle here in the Queendom, it really isn't even necessary or required to stay at 1600 or below and it really isn't even desirable long term. This is just a temporary game as we ARE TRYING TO GET BELOW 130 POUNDS right now.

We will update this challenge now and then on this board and others we post on.

Day 1, February 27, 2013, Wednesday, Calories TBD
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