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spaghetti-Os.....i hate them with a passion...i ate them once, yes ONCE, when i was pregnant with my son and it made me horribly sick (like morning sickness, only mine was all-day sick with my son) this day i can't stand the sight or smell of them and NEVER buy them for my kids....and my son, the one i was pregnant with, he's 15 now LOL

running a close second would be peanut butter jelly sandwiches....although i've been known to eat a bite when utterly starved, i can't stand them....again from pregnancy/being poor....when i was pregnant and very very poor, i worked at an office that had no refrigerator and all i could afford to take to work during that hot summer was a PBJ...and it sat on my desk getting all hot and soggy until lunchtime, when i had to eat it regardless...ugh turns my stomach just to think of that

and i dont like whole, cooked octopus either...nor boiled herring eggs, seaweed, seal oil or clams
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