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Arabella, I find myself looking at kitchen tables lately as I am contemplating implementing your kitchen table rule, at least part time.

Good idea about implementing the veggie exemption.

Part of my rationale in the wheat ban is in the spirit of your table rule. It is the way I am doing everything in this "retirement" period of my life that I hope will end by summer but if it does not I'll make the best of it. I am creating an environment that will serve me in life & diet hood lol. If wheat is banned, it is, frankly, harder to eat cake.

I do plan on making a gluten free cake someday but for now, I am saving tons of impulsive snacks & my joints don't ache as much from bad food in large amounts.

Thanks for the kind words on my attitude. I appreciate that, Wood Nymph.

Busy week of appointments & I need to make up 5,000 steps from yesterday to get my 70,000 weekly goal.

Let's make the greatest royal week ever!

Thinking of all our absent royal friends. Woot!
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