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I went to the only clinic in my town, and the owner is an esthetician... I paid $50 to sign up, which included my shaker bottle, shopping bag and first bottle of salt, and all the documentation/dvd. I pay $4 a packet, other than the ready-mades, which are $4.25. I can buy individual packets, or by the box for the stuff I really like. No charge for weigh-ins or measurements, and I don't even have to make appointments, I just show up when I need to buy food.

That being said, I now work 2 hours away from where our house is, so it was always a race to get there to buy my products before they closed. The cost and time factor got to be a bit much, plus the weather here is unpredictable, so I stopped buying from her for a while until the weather/finances improve and am doing alternatives.

I like the lady that owns the "clinic", and one of her part-timers, but I can't stand the other one, I think she's a b. Fortunately, I only had to deal with her once (she was kinda snotty about me losing 6 lbs in one week because she couldn't lose that much - but she only had about 20 lbs to lose TOTAL, I had 140! slight difference, lady).

So I gather not all IP clinics are created equal, and not all coaches for sure!
Let's try this again - Started September 2, 2013

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