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Originally Posted by wannalosenow View Post
Wow, from Livermore to DC. That's a drive!! I'm not sure I would make a drive like that unless it was a highly recommended spot. How does your friend like the Nutriworks? I don't know how to enable the PM feature. I'll try and play with it. (I'm not a real computer savy person, just emails and surfing for me )
Since you cannot enable PM for 20 days/20 posts, I can tell you what my friends have told me:

Nutriworks seems to be expensive by comparison. Their start up fee is around $350. I think they charge for WI's and require you to buy boxes of food ($35 a box?). My friend said they discourage the use of alternatives over IP products. She also said that there seems to be no consistency due to the number of people working there/volume business. She finally stopped going there after she bought everything online for less. (She is doing great and in maintenance now) However, I'm sure folks including myself will not recommend that you go this route until/unless you are going to be 100% OP. Coaching, at least in the beginning, is a good thing especially with the weekly WI's - it makes you more accountable.

Total Care Chiropractic is the cheaper of the two. Their start up fee is around $250. It includes the first week of food and vitamins. They do not charge for WI's and do not discourage the use of alternatives. My other friend chose Total Care over Nutriworks because she likes her coach. (In her words, a kind nurse vs. drill sergeant) She said her coach is the same every week, engage in small talk and is very encouraging but not a push-over. Coach is available by text and email to answer "emergency" questions in a pinch. Also, she said the coach sent her IP friendly "holiday" recipes for free.

She also said TC allowed her to switch unopened packets for others.


I hope this helps. If you have not decided in 20 days, please PM me.

for every 5 lbs lost:

Week 1: -3.2 Week 2: -4.6 Week 3: -.5
Week 4: -4.6 Week 5: -0.25 Week 6: -4.4
Week 7: -3.1 Week 8: -3.1 Week 9: -2.6
Week 10: -.5 Week 11: -3.2 Week 12: -1.4
Week 13: -1.8 Week 14: -2.0 Week 15: -3.2
Week 16: -0.0 Week 17: -1.0 Weeks 18/19: -7.3
Week 20: -0.0 Week 21: -0.0 Week 22: -2.3
Weeks 23-38: -0.0 Week 29: -2.2 BOOT CAMP

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