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I am always looking for IP-suitable vegetarian protein sources. These are great ideas!

I also had these pages bookmarked, great stuff here:
Vegetarian [including some of the packets that don't seem like they would be vegetarian, but are (chicken soup, chili, spaghetti bolognese, etc.) and vice-versa. See Post #10]
Vegetarian's Guide

Originally Posted by vidyab35 View Post

2) Morningstar Farms meatless Sausage patties with Mint Chutney for dinner! LOL.. I know not an usual combo but it works if you like your protien spicy with mint/coriander chutney. These have 4 gm net carbs and 10 gm of protien per patty, so I have about three of them for 8 oz of protien. You can get mint chutney in any Indian grocery nearby - either in freezer or otherwise.
I just bought these again - glad to be reminded of these! Just wanted to note that the ones I purchased from Trader Joe's (Morningstar Farms "Original Sausage Patties"; 38 g each), the net carbs is only 2g each (3g total - 1 g fiber). That means that three of them = 240 calories; 6 g net carbs/9 g fat/30 g protein. I don't know if this amount of fat is considered to be too high for IP... 34%... actually that seems higher than the recommended amount of less than 30%?

ALSO, yes, the recipe for an IP-friendly version of Palak Paneer(Tofu) would be great! I have done this in the past with prepared Indian packets but the fat was always crazy high.
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