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I said unique but it is pretty basic, i worded it like that because last time i got this generic diet plan off a gym i joined around 4 years ago and it was horrible and didn't suit me. The gym only had 3 types of diet plans for people, here's an idea of it...

Diet Plan 1

Lunch Small bread roll with sliced chicken breast

Diet Plan 2

Lunch Medium bread roll with sliced chicken breast

Diet Plan 3

Lunch Large bread roll with....

You see where i'm going with this lol, there was other things such as eating salmon alot which i hate and eating alot of boiled eggs which arent my thing.

I have a plan with alot of great variety in it which keeps it interesting full of fruit and veg, mince, chicken..blah blah blah...

As for day 1 over i'm feeling good, the secret for me is to drink water, water and more water it's taking my mind off the diet and keeping my mouth busy.
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