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Woot! Wildfire is back in the palace from the Land of Florida. Sorry you had to work the weekend at the office.

Arabella, yea, I have been in a sort of maintenance mode for a loooong time ... that is where I got my saying: "Maintenance of a major weight loss means sometimes having to deal with regains."

I've been up and down but never anywhere near my high of two decades ago, which was considerably before I met any of ye royals here in the palace.

My current ticker represents a high on my 2012 birthday (which was in the first part of that year) that I somehow reached after a low in 2010 of 117, following the arm injury and surgery. I liked 117 for wearing clothes but it is a number too low to comfortably maintain, but I don't ever intend to fluctuate as much as I have the past two years. I want to be in the 120s around 125, give or take and I intend to stay there ... lol but the three pounds in my way like me.

Had a HUGE breakfast including southwest shredded hash brown potatoes that I make with pico de gallo (I make this fresh now and then) and salsa. I used to not eat white potatoes but I am finding that other than what people tell me about not eating white potatoes, I can think of no reason, and right now I find they make a great fit when I am having minor thoughts of SORT OF wanting something kind of wheat based. I fried these in olive oil and ate with two fried eggs on top, then took a two hour walk or so, finished 10,000 steps and that is kind of my totally nonproductive day so far.


Day 30 of the backward count to the vernal equinox, still happily wheat free & by default gluten free as there is no other source of gluten in my diet than wheat anyway so since it is outta here, so is gluten.

Migraines gone, places that had swelling gone, digestion and mental clarity better (except for yesterday when I was a crazy person for some reason).

Is it the wheat? Don't know. Very tired now, though. Would have more potatoes but would make me sleepy.

Wow, food obsessed here. Going to go mop kitchen. Bye bye!

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