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Reda, let me know what type of bling you come up with to put on your RK.

Holly, has the weather made you any busier?

Colleen, how are you and the dredged job and getting back on the wagon?

Well, knock on wood..... the tummy medication seems to be working which is AWESOME.... but the down side is... not matter what, I can't have dairy. I am not sure what made me lactose intolerant.... but at some point along the way with my tummy problems I became that way.... I LOVE CHEESE... and now I can't have it without sever consequences. It is definately an adjustment having to ask for no cheese.... I do forget sometimes and end up trying to scrap it off

So, I had an thought a few months ago.... and it has grown into a possibility now. When I went to Florida last year, I loved it.... as did DH. Well, we have been talking about moving there. We have no reason to stay here..... my kids are grown..... my oldest (who graduates next month as a PILOT) will not be back here to live... the youngest still doesn't care.... he lives with my neighbors and will not even talk to me most day.... unless he wants $. My MIL is gone..... we have no "strings" here.... so I am actively looking for a job in FL. Even though I LOVE my job here.... that is all we have. So... I am looking.... and we are planning. I want a simple life there... just home, dogs, bikes, and DH.

Hi Aaron and Dawn....

I am hanging in there with WW.... I actually see me living like this for life.... having fruits and veggies to count on if I have eaten my alotment. I may not like it if I don't lose this week.... lol. However, it is my fault b/c I have not exercised much.

Well, gotta go... I have a TAX appt tomorrow. Gotta get stuff together.
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