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ok...i haven't posted in a while but i'm gonna throw in my 2 cents :-)

i really think the new voting format is stupid. if you are gonna go in a secret booth and vote, what is the POINT of SAYING who you voted for?? either make it anonymous and the person is just GONE, or keep it the old way and vote them off. Going in the booth is a total waste of time if they say who they voted for. ????

second...i love Danni.

third...This group seems better than some they've had in the past....the worst ever was the group with Frado, Brandon and my most hated and laziest contestant ever...Elizabeth. I hated that whole game playing group so much i almost stopped watching the was out of control. Especially how Elizabeth made it to the final four ONLY because those guys refused to vote for her. Disgusting...and ruined the show that season.

i love this dancing carrot.
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