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Default another simple but deliscious dressing for lettuce

This is very simple, but one of my favourites for lettuce. I haven't tried it with any other vegetables though. Also, please forgive the lack of exact measurements.

- A little water (1/2 cup or so, to cover the bottom of the pot)
- splash or two of vinegar
- 1 big clove of garlic, or 2 smaller, crushed
- about 1/2 tsp splenda or any sweetener
- about 1/4 tsp salt
- lettuce of any kind (whatever amount you like) Iceberg lends itself well to this, but they are all equally great

Put everything except lettuce in a pot and on the stove, and heat it up, put lettuce in and turn around until it wilts a little (or until it wilts a lot, according to your taste) and take off the stove immediately when it looks the way you want it to and dump out into a bowl. It is good to eat warm or after it cools down, or the next day. Adjust ingredients according to taste.

I love the sweet & sour and garlicky taste of it!! Note: you are not supposed to boil it or make it really hot, just heat enough to make it softer - easier to eat that way, and to blend the tastes. Also note: it tastes wonderful with or without oil (I prefer it without oil).
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