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Originally Posted by shcirerf View Post
I don't know about all the other scientific stuff, but I've had plantar fasciitis, and it hurts. I got some advice on treatment by a foot Dr. It is an inflammation, of the connective tissue on the bottom of your foot.
I have trouble really buying this "theory" these days. While inflammation could be there, I don't think it is the cause. The reason is that when I had it, i did everything they told me to on this theory and it didn't work at all. A lot of people who do what they treat PF ... it doesn't work.

What did work for me ... almost immediately.. apple cider vinegar. The problem with this is that it is horrible to take.

Isn't it much more likely that the heel spur causes the inflammation of the connective tissue? So if you get rid of or reduce the heel spur (excess calcium) your connective tissue will return to normal?
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