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I came to this thread just to post my disappointment with Jeff! I didn't like how defensive he would get with Jillian, and he struct me as a spoiled bratty kid, but after what he did to Mike, I can't stand him!! What he did was so slimey. He promised he wouldn't vote for Mike. I get its a game, but then don't give your word on something you can't keep. Mike seems like such a good person at heart, that would have kept his word to Jeff, while Jeff just seems now like a self centered brat that thinks nothing of breaking his word if it means doing for himself. Not a good character to have and it just shows how immature he is.

Good for Mike for how much weight he lost! I will be rooting for him to win the at home prize.

I hope the other members of the house find what Jeff did as repulsive as I did and vote him off the first chance they get.

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