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Arabella, that is an awesome goal of thinking of baby carrots with dip as your first choice. I so wish I felt that way more often.

I must say that since I kicked the wheat outta the palace, there has been a bit more room for healthier food and dare I say "veggies."

I really like being wheat free so far and probably will morph into a total gluten free life style.

I am not having any problems with it, although yesterday did have some digestive illness or other for an hour or two and had to take a nap, then felt fine. TMI, sorry, I do think it was just that I've stopped eating something that has been the mainstay of my diet since probably birth lol.

But for the most part I haven't noticed the change except for feeling generally better but having these episodes similar to minor flu that just go away.

I love being able to walk through the grocery at Wally and realize how just a week ago I had cravings for all the bread, cupcakes, cheesecakes, crackers, pretzels, etc., whilst now I am back eating a healthier low glycemic diet that is serving me better.

Just kind of hanging around the house still, but did go to the gym. Since I renewed my membership I decided I needed to go more often. It is also an awesome place to get my Fitbit steps in using the indoor track and with the crowd in the place and the music and everyone being nice to everyone, it was a verra pleasant session early this morning.

I don't feel I will lose weight this week, but we'll see. Just going to continue logging calories on a week to week basis for a while during the wheat free experiment. Friday's number still has a protein shake to drink tonight. There is no more challenge element in this log. That only makes me eat more lol.

Wednesday, 1540
Thursday, 1360
Friday, 1760
Saturday, TBD
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