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Whose idea was it to spilt the bills in half ?and was it done from the beginning?
Now you want to go back and renegotiate the agreed upon amount because family/friends told you were not getting the equity?
Do you think if you were renting do you think your Landlord would renegotiate an agreed upon amount because your family /friends said you should be paying less,do you thing that would fly?
Why not have your own place and have a roommate and spilt the bills with them as opposed to living with your boyfriend and spilting the bills?
If you had a roommate would you expect them to pay more if they earned more?
I think from your boyfriends point of view why should things change agreed to this.
Why all of the sudden do you feel like your getting the short end of the stick now. Did something change in the relationship?
Personally I would be making some back up plans...this conversation could bring to the surface that could alter things .
Good Luck , Roo2

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