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Default Moving in with your significant other

I'd like to get a few opinions on something.

When you move in with a BF or GF what do you think is a fair amount to pay for living there?

I'll give you a little background. A few years ago I moved in with my BF who owns his own home. I was not added to the deed and we are not engaged (and probably never will be). He does earn about $10k per year more than me (not that that matters, just want to throw it out there if anyone asks).

We ended up splitting everything 50/50. I have been hearing lately from my family and even a good friend of mine that they think I am paying too much. They feel like I am helping to pay a mortgage for a house that I will never own and that he was paying a mortgage prior to my moving in so why should I chip in so much. These people feel I should contribute something but that 50% is too much.

For anyone that has moved into their SO home, how did you handle the bills? What do you feel is a fair amount to pay?
- Lynn

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