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Amazing, amazing, amazing ...

Ishbel - this is sooooo inspiring.

You rock girl!

Originally Posted by Ishbel View Post
So I haven't posted in here since my 3 months aniversary (WOW), it seems to me that I'm keeping this thread around to use as an 'update' and I'm not sure who is reading it but by keeping it updated once in a while seems to be one of the things that's keeping me on target. I'll try to do better then every 6 months LOL

I do come back here on 'tough' days and re-read what people have said, it really boosts my energy!

SO today is my 9 months, if I was preggers I'd be due today HAHAHA.

Today is 9 months in maintenance and I weighed in at 159.2 (158.6 yesterday). Amazingly enough, thats exactly where I started maintenance (in the 50's). Really I hit goal at 164 and started to phase off, so I've been 10 months fluctuating between 5-6 lbs....which to me is sucess.

I've been working HARD at getting my weight lower (had a few days up at 166/165 - around Christmas ). Right before Christmas I said "self, your fun days will not be on regular schedule therefore the normal # of days between fun days won't be 'normal' so it will take you a while to get back to 'normal schedule and fluctuation' after Christmas. You have until 17 Jan to get your poop together".

I have been eating very very very specifically and very very light (only the regular one day of Phase 1 day), last two weeks have had two nights of fish and two nights of scrambled egg whites with veggies and I'm choosing not to have carbs some nights for supper (I still have my after supper fruit). AND, it's shown up on the scale right on time. I've been very careful these last two/three months because of my hips, I have not been exercising or even walking due to the pain so I deleted 150-200 cals from my diet and I'm now 1300-1500 intead of 1600-1900 per day.

I was running 10 km runs and getting in at most 35 km a week at the least 20ish km a week - ended up with bursitis in both hips. I just had a cortisone shot which I'm not sure has 'helped' but in general it's settling enough that I may attempt to go walking at the gym tomorrow

I am inspired DAILY by EVERYONE on 3FC. I go to TOPS on Wednesdays so that's my mid-week check in, I plan my meals sometimes two days in advance. I track my food still AND I track my daily weigh ins. I can use the program so make a bar chart of 9 months and I see the fluctuation and it helps keep me confident that what I'm doing, I'm doing it right (for me). I come on here...I POST! Posting is part of accountability to me, I wish more people would post so I could have more to talk to! lol

I need plans, and when I need one, I need it now I cannot wait for someone to give me the plan, I must make it myself and see if it will work for me. That doesn't mean I don't come on here and find others plans and adapt them. Having a plan calms me, if I don't know what I'm eating (or going to eat) I get irritated and frustrated and life is not pleasant for me.

I have been on target in the past, I am on target today and I am planning to be on target tomorrow.

Thanks for all your generous comments over the last 9 months they've really helped keep my confidence high.
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